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FTT Learner

The most downloaded FTT prep app on Google Play Store!


FTT Learner is my best performing app in terms of number of downloads till date. I find it funny that I do not own a car myself. I guess it is just too expensive in Singapore. Please support me by downloading my app so that I can, in the distant future, hope to own a car in Singapore =). There is a also a reskinned version of the same app for BTT

Lots of thought have been put into developing the app in terms of its functions that would be useful for students preparing to take their FTT tests. Let’s look at the features below in details.

1. Practice, practice, practice


“Practice beats talent when talent does not work hard” and “Practice makes perfect” are phrases that we hear very often. Practice is so important that I have to say it three times on the header above. So, you better Practice what you preach.

Practicing with this app is simple. Considering the fact that your pockets of free time throughout the day vary, the app allows you to flexibly set the number of questions that you wish to pracice per session. It then curates the questions randomly from a huge pool of over 500 ftt questions, such that each practice session will be distinct and unlikely to be repeated. Be sure to also bookmark the tougher questions so that you can go back to them later!

2. Tests Simulation


It is important to practice in conditions and settings that closely resemble that of the actual test environment. When you enter the Test feature of the app, 50 questions are selected randomly from a pool of question bank, just like the actual FTT. There is a countdown timer and results are only processed upon submission. You can skip questions and come back to them at any point in time as well, just like FTT.

Upon completion of the test, the score is computed and each question can be reviewed individually.

3. Tests Histories


Your tests results are stored and you could always refer back to them. Ideally, your scores get better as you attempt more tests. Make sure to review your test results to make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes!

4. Bookmark and Custom Practices


You can bookmark questions while doing practices and test. The idea is to make a collection of tough questions as you encounter them, and then revise them repeatedly over.

These bookmarked questions can be accessed separately and you can run practice sessions through them. Deliberate practice that stretches your knowledge based on topics and questions which you are uncomfortable with is the most time effective way to prepare for the test. With all that said, good luck in your tests and please leave a positive review and feedback on the Google Play Store if this app has done anything to help!

Technologies Used: Native Android SDK for client app

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